Review of dog orders in the Isle

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PARISH Councils and schools throughout the Isle are being asked if there is any need for further dog exclusion orders in their areas.

North Lincolnshire Council is canvassing opinion about five-year-old legislation currently covering children’s play areas and schools, and which allows action to be taken against irresponsible dog owners.

Options available to North Lincolnshire Council are to issue fixed penalty notices or even start legal proceedings if necessary. The Dog Control Order rules forbid dog fouling anywhere on any land owned by any council in North Lincolnshire, and the Dog Exclusion Orders bar dogs from fenced off schools and play areas completely.

North Lincolnshire Council says that since the orders were put in place new houses have been built, and there are new fenced-off areas and schools grounds – none of which are covered by orders put in place in 2008.

Putting the original orders in place was an expensive business, parish and town councils and schools have been told, and the consultation took 18 months.

But now it’s hoped that new rules can be put in place much more quickly, with consultation completed by the end of next month, and amended orders in place by April.

Afterwards it’s hoped that an annual review can be put in place, making sure that restrictions on dogs can be amended quickly and easily.

Dogs owned by registered blind people and those using assistance dogs are exempt from restrictions allowing them into schools and play areas – but there’s no escaping the dog fouling rules for any dog.