Review: Long Live the King - King Charles

King Charles, The Leopard, April, 2012

So it began the day the King came to Doncaster, all the hype and attention focused on King Charles re arranged date with Doncaster music venue the Leopard on West St. All the talk of this been the biggest gig in recent times, Easter Sunday appealed to the traveling fans. With tickets been sold in Swansea and Newcastle even though the King had played there the night before…

On with the show, Doncaster’s very own rockers the Penny Lovers were support for the night. Playing the venue for the first time in nine years. The folky rock vibes were booming and King Charles all came from the dressing room to listen along, The King was singled out by the band and a very excited crowd couldn’t hold the joy at the sight of him waving gracefully. Always a crowd pleaser paper boats was belted out, and the King gave a dance.

The moment we had all been patiently waiting for, with anticipation building the crowd could hear the pre gig chants and rituals from the dressing room. The loudest cheers and screams in Doncaster soon gave notice the King was ready to blow the roof off Doncaster’s Premier Music venue. The set which included fan favourites Bam Bam, Love Blood and the new single Lady Percy which incidentally the video to the track was the reason the first date in March was postponed. By the time the King belted out Lady Percy he had the whole audience eating out of palm of his hand. Followed by the preachers sound of Brightest lights, by this point the packed out venue was starting to feel like they were on stage with the king has he offered every face in the crowd a smile and reached out to his adoring fans to touch their hands. Love Lust seemed to melt the hearts of every female in the 220 capacity venue.

The set comes to the end and the crowd are literally having none of it, refusing to move back from the stages edge. Keeping the king well and truly on his thrown, a three song encore pursued and the King was in full swing. Then the moment that you know you have just witnessed one of the greatest new talents in the country.. King Charles rocks out of the show with a cover of Billy Joel’s ‘we didn’t start the fire’ Normally at this point everyone slowly drifts off home into the night, expecting the artist to slope off and drink in their dressing room before getting back on the road…. Not the King who was swiftly back out behind the merchandise stand signing items and having his photo taken with his many adoring fans. From start to finish King Charles was graceful, adoring and more important humble in his approach. A sure fire thing for greater destinations, and with ticket prices at £8 this was truly a ‘I was there when moment..’ BM Concerts in association with the Leopard Venue truly have put the whole town back on the map. Long live the King.

* Christopher J Rix