Residents’ fury over council cuts

Residents protest in Armthorpe.
Residents protest in Armthorpe.

Furious residents took to the streets to protest at proposed council cuts which will see a range of facilities closed and more than 1000 people lose their jobs.

Members of Doncaster People’s Assembly joined union members and concerned residents to hold a demonstration outside council-run Rose House care home in Armthorpe on Saturday morning.

Their action comes after Doncaster mayor Ros Jones announced where the axe will fall over the next three years because of government-imposed budget cuts of £109 million.

Former mayoral candidate Doug Wright, 70, of Chantry Close, Cantley, said: “These cuts are not good enough for the people of Doncaster. If we don’t protest, then they will just go ahead with it.”

Cantley resident Mick Wattam, 52, added: “We will all feel these cuts. They are too severe and it has to stop.”

Sandra Green, 44 said she feared for the future of her 87-year-old mum Jean, who is a resident in a care home which could be for the chop.

She said: “There are a lot of frail elderly people affected by this who are wondering what is next for them.”

Under the proposals, 1, 200 council jobs will be lost, four day care centres face closure, along with eight libraries and a number of council-run care homes and children’s centres.

The plans outlined last Thursday will still need to be approved by the council cabinet at a full council meeting on February 20.