Resident says Doncaster street blighted by littering looks like a “slum”

Fly-tipping and littering in Hyde Park
Fly-tipping and littering in Hyde Park

A Doncaster resident whose street has been blighted by fly-tipping and littering for more than two years says the area looks like a slum.

Tony Batty, who lives in Somerset Road, Hyde Park says used needles, dirty nappies, discarded food and unwanted items of furniture are regularly dumped in the area, attracting rats.

Fly-tipping in Hyde Park

Fly-tipping in Hyde Park

The 42-year-old said despite countless calls to Doncaster Council to take action the situation is getting worse.

He added: “It’s getting me down, this used to be a nice street but now it’s getting to the stage where I can’t face coming home on a night.

“There’s dirty nappies and needles, it’s a health hazard. There’s dead rats in the alleyway, it’s dangerous.”

Mr Batty said the latest incidents include residents throwing litter from their front doors and windows.

“Someone opened their front door and a sandwich flew out into the street. I was walking past a house and an empty shampoo bottle was thrown. It’s like living in medieval times.”

Mr Batty says cultural differences are resulting in some immigrants in the area failing to follow the rules when it comes to disposing of litter.

He added: “The area is starting to look like a slum.”

Mr Batty says more fines should be issued in a bid to clamp down on the problem.

Gill Gillies, assistant director of environment at Doncaster Council, said: “We have an action plan for the area. This includes an intensive waste removal programme and taking action against people who fly-tip and drop litter.

“As of May 16 our street cleansing team will be moving to a seven-day-a-week service. This will allow us to ensure all the key locations are visited more often. We are also working hard to address the longer-term issues of prevention through education, encouraging more responsible behaviour from residents and landlords.

“The council is making progress in tackling environmental crime. Fly-tipping incidents have reduced from 9,000 in 2006 to 3,500 in 2015. Since January we have also dealt with 2,000 littering incidents. We welcome contact from residents and hope to meet Mr Batty to discuss working together.”

n Littering problems can be reported via the MyDoncaster app or by visiting