Recycling scheme for flats

RESIDENTS OF COUNCIL-OWNED FLATS look set to benefit from a new scheme to encourage them to recycle their household waste.

Doncaster Council is working with housing association St Leger Homes, which manages a large number of their properties, to ensure that those living in high-rise accommodation don’t miss out on the chance to recycle.

3500 flats across Doncaster now have access to facilities to recycle items such as paper, plastic and cans thanks to the provision of special bins at the base of blocks of flats.

Roger Haldenby, a resident of high-rise Lonsdale House in Intake and the secretary of his local tenants and residents association, welcomed the scheme:

‘It’s a great idea as I’ve been wanting to recycle for some time . I am going to be encouraging my fellow tenants to embrace the new system and get it into use in the long term’.

Coun Mark Thompson, Cabinet Member for Environment Services, added: ‘Sending waste to landfill is no longer an option, we are running out of space!. I want everyone ro recycle and play their part in making Doncaster an even better place to live.’

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