Recycle all Xmas rubbish

THE remnants of Christmas past can be disposed of with the help of a range of recycling services offered by Doncaster Council.

Cards can be recycled in your green box but residents are asked to avoid putting cards with glitter or ribbons in the green box.

Christmas trees will be accepted at any of the borough’s household waste recycling centres or will be collected for free by the council if you call before Saturday to arrange.

Councillor Mark Thompson, cabinet member for waste disposal and recycling, said: “The crumpled and torn wrapping paper, the piles of cards, the tree looking a shadow of its former self - they can all be recycled and disposed of sensibly once the festivities of Christmas have passed.

“Limiting the amount of waste you throw away is the ultimate gift to the environment.”

To arrange for your Christmas tree to be recycled or for more information about bin collections and recycling, call Doncaster Council on 01302 736000.

Alternatively, text your enquiry to 71006, including your name, house number and postcode.