READERS’ POLL: What should be done to prevent more lives being lost on the A630?

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Following an inquest into the deaths of five Doncaster teens who lost their lives on a notorious accident black spot a senior coroner is calling for a reduction in the speed limit - but do you think that’s the best way of preventing more fatal accidents from occurring?

Speaking at yesterday’s inquest into the deaths of 18-year-olds Arpad Kore Bartosz Bortniczak and 16-year-olds Blake Cairns, Jordanna Goodwin and Megan Storey Senior Coroner Nicola Mundy said she would write to Doncaster council’s highways department urging them to reduce the speed limit to 40mph on the scene of the crash in Sheffield Road, Conisbrough - also known locally as ‘the drag’.

Ms Mundy told Doncaster coroners’ court she was taking this step in a bid to stop others from dying on the same 100 metre stretch of road, where 10 fatalities have occurred over the last decade.

She said: “I cannot ignore what I have heard about the number of fatalities that have occurred on this stretch of road. I’m calling for serious consideration to be given to alter the speed limit.”

Bartosz was driving a Toyota Corolla when it fatally collided with a Seat Leon going in the opposite direction. All five of the teens died as a result of the injuries sustained in the collision on November 15 last year.

Despite Ms Mundy’s call for a reduction in the speed limit, some have claimed that the installation of speed cameras or more traffic lights along that stretch of road would be a better way of helping to prevent more lives from being lost.

What do you think should be done to stop more fatal accidents occurring on the A630 in Conisbrough?

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