Pupils and police link up in lifestyle project

Pictured (L-R) are Fighting Chance Coaches, Jake Stockwell and PC Mick Tune.
Pictured (L-R) are Fighting Chance Coaches, Jake Stockwell and PC Mick Tune.

Students at The Axholme Academy are proving themselves fit for a bright future within a new project titled ‘Fighting Chance’.

Working in partnership with representatives from Humberside Police, pupils aged 11 to 16 have excelled within a weekly programme in which they have learned mixed martial arts.

The course is intended to help with development of personal confidence and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Students meet positive role models along the way and learn new and exciting skills.

One participant, Aiden McDonald, said: “This club has been started because it is different and interesting to students. It allows students to learn a new skill and gain focus which they can use to improve their school studies.

“It also helps with the healthy lifestyle message and how to choose a healthy path to follow in life. It is to help encourage students make positive choices.”

So far the dozen students taking part have achieved yellow belts and are now working towards their orange belts. They have begun their second rotation session within a ten week programme. The programme will start up again in September.

Jake Stockwell, 14, received the award for ‘Outstanding Student’ from his coaches, with a trophy and sash in recognition of his efforts.

Academy Principal Joe Sellars said ‘Fighting Chance has proven to be a really good programme that has motivated our participating students to improve their physical skills but also to lead to real commitment to do their very best in school.

“We are very proud of their achievements especially in achieving their yellow belts and are grateful for the work done by Humberside Police.’

Youth divisional co-ordinator for Humberside Police, PC Mick Tune, 46, said: “This course is open to 11 to 16 year olds across North Lincolnshire, and involves boxing and martial arts along with a focus on diet, exercise in general and health. The project is well supported by the Axholme Academy.

“Jake Stockwell was the student who showed the most endeavour and made real improvement, we felt.”

Fighting Chance is also part of an incentive to reduce anti-social behaviour.