Progress made at struggling Scawthorpe school

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Education news...

Progress is being made at a struggling Doncaster school but pupils are still failing to make the grade in the “three Rs”, according to inspectors.

A monitoring inspection was carried out at Scawthorpe Castle Hills Primary after Ofsted inspectors said it required improvement at an inspection in May.

The latest report published on Tuesday said progress was being made but standards of achievement at Key Stage 2 were “significantly below those seen nationally in reading, writing and mathematics.”

The report said: “The school continues to make progress. This is because you have clear plans in place and have introduced a number of policies that are leading to more consistent teaching and better progress for pupils currently at the school.

“You have targeted additional teaching resources at those pupils that were most adversely affected by weak teaching in the past, and, although the attainment of these pupils remains relatively low, they are making better progress and addressing gaps in their knowledge, skills and understanding.”

Inspectors said a number of changes had been implemented to address concerns over poor results and standards at the end of Key Stage 1 were expecte to improve significantly this summer.

Inspectors also said concerns over staffing were being addressed at the school.

“Turbulence in staffing has had a negative impact on pupils’ learning over the last

year. However, staffing is now more settled and the introduction of a morestructured curriculum for the teaching of reading, writing and mathematics is bringing greater consistency.”

Inspectors will continue to monitor progress at the school over the year.