Postman who always sings twice

Stainforth postman Shane Powell, 42, has been dedicated a Facebook page called 'Stanforth. Home to the Happiest Postman'. Picture: Liz Mockler D9951LM
Stainforth postman Shane Powell, 42, has been dedicated a Facebook page called 'Stanforth. Home to the Happiest Postman'. Picture: Liz Mockler D9951LM

POSTIE Powell’s love of his job is infectious.

For his enthusiasm for his work never fails to deliver a smile for people on his round in Stainforth.

Positive postie Shane has been given the stamp of approval by his customers, so much so a group has been set up in his honour on social networking site Facebook to celebrate his constant happiness.

Each day he addresses his 800 members with a cheerful message about the weather and his sunny disposition on the webpage entitled Stainforth, Home to the Happiest Postman.

The 42-year-old first-class deliverer has been overwhelmed by the response he has received to the group created by Stainforth resident Emma Carlin because his singing during his daily rounds always made her smile.

“She said she was having a bad day and my singing cheered her up a bit so she put a tribute out to me on Facebook. It was around a year ago I think,” said Shane, of King Street, Thorne.

“She named the page and the response to it has been amazing. I felt flattered big style and still do.”

Shane has been a postman in Stainforth since 1994 and still to this day loves everything about his work.

He said: “The things I enjoy about my job the most are the fresh air, my good customers, seeing the seasons pass with all that comes with them and then sharing what I see with everyone who looks at the Facebook page.

“I always remain happy because even when mad times come our way we can always deal with it positively and let anger just go forth.

“I smile instead or try to see the funny side of a situation. I look for the beauty of the seasons as they pass and see all the many colours of nature with the plants and the wildlife and the weather.

“There’s plenty to be grateful for and give us reason to think happy thoughts.”

Shane even manages to remain positive despite having to deal with the heartbreaking news that the love-of-his-life and partner Cheryl Childs was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Brave Cheryl, 50, is undergoing chemotherapy, however seems to be from the same mould as Shane with her positive outlook.

She has just completed a sponsored headshave and raised £350 for Doncaster Royal Infirmary’s breast cancer site the Jasmine Centre where she is being treated.

Shane said: “She was very brave and the money is going towards supplying thermometers for cancer patients just about to go through chemotherapy.

“We have got to stay positive.”

Shane has been shortlisted in the ‘Neighbourhood Superstar’ category in the Pride in Doncaster Awards run by the Free Press and Doncaster Council.

The winners will be announced on October 27 at a special ceremony at the Keepmoat Stadium.

One of Shane’s supporters Sue Smith is under no illusion he should be the winner, adding: “If anyone is a neighbourhood superstar - it’s our Shane.”