Up the reds for Barnsley

LABOUR tightened its hold in Barnsley by gaining nine seats in the local elections, to claim 18 of 21 seats in total.

Seven seats were lifted from the Barnsley Independent Group (BIG), with an Independent and a Penistone Tory seat, despite low turnout at just 28.9 per cent.

The council now has 52 Labour councillors, five Conservatives and six others. At Wombwell, former Darfield BIG councillor Trevor Smith was defeated by Labour’s Margaret Morgan, pulling in 329 votes against 1769. Jennifer Worton retained Labour’s seat at Dearne North, as did Sharron Brook for Dearne South. Darfield saw Caroline Saunders take 1142 to be a new councillor, and council leader Steve Houghton kept his seat at Cudworth, with 1684 votes.