MEP’s fears over diabetic legislation

NEW EU legislation affecting diabetic motorists has come under fire from Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom.

The rule came into force this month, meaning that a diabetic who has two hypos - episodes of hypoglycaemia - in a year, even while in bed, will be banned from driving.

Mr Bloom said: “Obviously road safety is a priority but there are fears that the DVLA will apply the EU directive far more strictly than other countries and potentially up to a million diabetics could lose their driving licences.

“Most of these motorists have been driving for decades without problems and this legislation is unnecessary. This is more EU meddling in affairs of this country which should be left for our own government to decide.

“Obviously no one wants motorists on the road who poses a danger for any reason but I fear this Brussels diktat could put take some diabetics off the road who are perfectly safe.”