Campaigning MP for Barnsley East calls for rich fat cat tax breaks to be reversed in Commons

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Campaigning MP for Barnsley East Michael Dugher is urging the Government to reverse its £3 billion tax break for the country’s top earners.

The MP has asked the Government for the reverse that he says benefits the top one percent of fat cats.

He voted against the Government’s top rate tax cut, which is worth an average of £100,000 for those earning more than £1 million. He said at the same time families will be on average almost £1,000 a year worse off by next year as a result of tax and benefit changes since 2010.

He added: “While thousands of working people in Barnsley have seen their taxes go up, there are millionaires who have been given a huge tax cut. How can a tax cut for millionaires be the right priority when there are working people in Barnsley who are still not feeling the recovery and the deficit remains high?

“Now the Government wants to cut tax credits again for millions of working families while keeping their huge tax cut for top one per cent of earners. As we’ve seen time and time again the Government always stand up for a privileged few rather than hard working people.”