Police to monitor Crowle locations

NEIGHBOURHOOD officers are continuing to monitor the Potts Lane car park and St Oswald’s Church areas of Crowle.

There had been reports of antisocial behaviour and vehicle-related incidents in the car park with youths also congregating and causing a nuisance at the church.

Temporary CCTV cameras have been installed at the car park, having a positive impact on the number of calls made by the public. Figures showed there were no calls relating to Potts Lane during December.

And following complaints about youths speeding around the town centre in cars, North Lincolnshire Roads Safety Team installed electronic traffic monitoring equipment on Cross Street for a seven day period.

Results showed an average 642 vehicles used the road each day, averaging 21.4mph along the 30mph route.

Only one call relating to the Church Street area was received in December - a faulty alarm sounding. A decision was made to downgrade the Potts Lane and St Oswald’s areas from a number one priority at a Neighbourhood Action Team meeting.

Both locations will be monitored until a decision is made over removing them from the priority list.