Police officers, staff and members of the public commended

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Police officers and staff have been recognised for their outstanding efforts and personal contributions to policing at the latest Commendations Awards Ceremony.

The event, held last week at the University of Hull, saw officers of various ranks, police staff as well as members of the public, being awarded with certificates to commemorate their commitment, endeavour and achievements.

Some of the recipients of the awards include:

PC Dan Haile (pictured)

The fast reactions of a quick thinking officer saved the life of a vulnerable man after he attempted to jump off a multi storey car park in Scunthorpe.

The incident at the end of May saw PC Dan Haile be the first officer to arrive at the scene where he found the young man sitting on the edge with his legs on the wrong side.

The officer started talking to the man who was upset and emotional.

As the two were in conversation the man attempted to jump and without any hesitation, PC Haile grabbed him and pulled him to safety.

PC Haile has recognised for his actions at the Chief Constable’s Commendations event.

Superintendent Caroline Rollitt said: “PC Haile’s admirable, brave actions that day prevented the death of this helpless young man and gave Mental Health Services a chance to help him rebuild his life.”

PC Haile said: “Front line police are exposed to these types of incidents and risks on a daily basis and we shouldn’t forget that. I’m happy to have been nominated for the award and would like to dedicate it to all our colleagues who are no longer with us and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect others.”

Bridlington Community Team

The people of Bridlington should feel safe in their beds thanks to the team of dedicated officers bringing offenders to justice in the town.

Since April last year, the Bridlington based Community Team has put in long hours and gone the extra mile to get a stream of excellent results.

Among the high profile cases the team brought to a successful conclusion were an offender sentenced for damaging a large number of vehicles in Pocklington; a high standard investigation into a helicopter crash at Flamborough and a criminal being brought to justice after making a fraudulent attack on a family business.

Det Sgt Tom Napier and Sgt Simon Vickers, along with their team DCs Andrew Wiles, Tony Forbes, Simon Marshall, Angela Ayliffe and Investigating Officer Darren Banks, have now been recognised for their hard work at the Chief Constable’s Commendations Event.

Chief Superintendent Scott Young said: “The team received their commendation for their hard work, dedication and persistence which has led to some excellent investigative results. They consistently deliver results and the people of the Bridlington and surrounding area should feel reassured that they have this team fighting crime and keeping them safe.”

Detective Constable Wayne Martin

The diligence and determination of a Grimsby based detective led to a lengthy prison sentence of a man who was targeting some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

DC Wayne Martin was the officer in charge of an investigation into a man who was collecting money from elderly people in North East Lincolnshire after posing as a window cleaner.

In one incident the suspect used force to steal money from an elderly victim and left her injured in her own home.

The offender was charged in July last year and DC Martin continued his investigation and gathered enough evidence to get further charges against the suspect.

When the case went to court the suspect was sentenced to 12 years in prison thanks to the thoroughness of the investigation.

Today the detective has been recognised for this excellent enquiry at the Chief Constable’s Commendation Awards Ceremony.

DC Martin said: “This is all in a day’s work for a detective but this particular case gave me a real sense of satisfaction when we got such a great result at court and a callous thief, who intentionally went after defenceless old people, got sentenced to such a healthy jail term.

“Receiving a commendation from the Chief Constable for my work is the icing on the cake really although not something I was expecting so it’s nice to have the recognition.”

PC Claire Large and PC Rob Sawyers

Two officers have been recognised for their professionalism, compassion and exemplary conduct when dealing with the death of one of the force’s own officers.

PC Rob Sawyers and PC Claire Large were the two officers deployed as family liaison officers for PC Russ Wylie’s parents and partner. This is always a difficult and emotionally taxing role made far more difficult in these circumstances as the victim was their friend and Roads Policing colleague.

Chief Constable Justine Curran presented the pair with their award at the Commendations Ceremony.

She said: “The way both officers conducted themselves was above and beyond that expected of them. They facilitated the flow of information between the enquiry team and the family and assisted with planning the Police funeral.

“They remained professional throughout despite the emotional strain they were under, they briefed their team daily and it was evident just how much it meant to them to do the job right - for the family, for the Force and for Russ.

“Family members, Chief Officers, Coroners staff and the members of the Police Federation have all commented on how well both officers conducted themselves at such a difficult and emotional time, acting with respect, diligence and compassion throughout.”

PC Large said: “We were both just doing our job. Being a family liaison officer is a tough one and doing it for the family of someone we worked with and we both counted as a friend, was the toughest yet. However it was hugely important to us that we did the best job we could for Russ’s family and did him proud and I think we achieved that in the most difficult of circumstances.”