Police "no comment" over naked Doncaster woman

The naked woman pictured walking on Chequer Road.
The naked woman pictured walking on Chequer Road.

South Yorkshire Police have said they will not be issuing any further details about the woman who was photographed strolling naked through Doncaster town centre.

The blonde-haired woman made global headlines yesterday after photos of her walking stark naked along Chequer Road and College Road emerged.

It is understood the woman, who was walking in the direction of the town's main police station on College Road, was bundled into a police patrol car during the incident on Friday in which a passer by tried to help cover her up.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said there were "no plans" to issue any updates or statements regarding the incident.

The identity of the woman and her motives remain a mystery and there has been intense speculation on Facebook that the woman may have health issues or had been "spiked" with drink or drugs - while others said that she may have been an exhibitionist.

Darren Rafferty, a garage worker, who tried to help cover up the blonde says that she spoke broken English in an Eastern European accent but seemed "happy" and told him that she had "love in her heart."

The incident took place near St Peter in Chains Roman Catholic Church at about 2.30pm last Friday.