Police desk closure fear

A COUNCILLOR fears people may begin to lose faith in the police following the closure of a Thorne police station to the public.

The town’s inquiry desk has been closed due to a “steady decline” of residents using them, said police chiefs.

However, Thorne ward councillor Martin Williams said the move would mean important face-to-face contact with officers would be lost.

He said: “The police station should always be open in my eyes and easily accessible to the public at all times.

“People should be able to feel safe to walk into their station and speak to an officer, people like that face-to-face contact which you obviously don’t get over the phone.

“It could mean people could lose faith with the police, we need to be able to recognise who our officers are. It’s another thing down the drain so the sooner it comes back, the better in my view.”

South Yorkshire Police could close as many as 20 police station inquiry desks across the region to help save £43 million over four years.

Several of its workers have already taken voluntary redundancy and will not be replaced.

Ch Insp Neil Thomas said the closure was not because of cost-cutting and the majority of people used the College Road site rather than their local stations.

He added: “This was not a cost-cutting measure and a decision into reinstating the desks will be made in Doncaster in the foreseeable future.”