Place to relax for Isle new mums

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Isle women who have given birth at Scunthorpe hospital can now sit back and relax with their babies thanks to a donation from the Scunthorpe League of Friends.

The charity has splashed out £500 and bought a relaxing settee for ward 26 so that new mums can have some where quiet and comfortable to feed their babies.

Claire Brothwell, ward sister on ward 26, said: “We have a lovely infant feeding room on the unit where new mums can go with their baby and sit and have some quiet time while feeding.

“Thanks to the League of Friends we now have a lovely two-seater settee.”

League chairman Stan Boor MBE, who lives in the Isle, said: “We are always looking for suggestions from staff for things we can purchase for the benefit of patients and the hospital. This is the latest item we have bought which will make a difference for new mums.”

The charity which started in 1948 raises funds for Scunthorpe hospital and since 1978 has handed out more than £1.5 million.

Money is raised through sponsored events, fetes, supermarket collections, as well as legacies and donations.

Mr Boor said: “We are currently looking for more volunteers to join the league as our numbers are getting very low. People can volunteer as much or as little time as they want.