Pictures of famous faces made by autistic Doncaster people will be shown across UK

Emma Wilson (Left) and Caroline Flint MP (Right) at the ArtSpace in Thorne.
Emma Wilson (Left) and Caroline Flint MP (Right) at the ArtSpace in Thorne.

Pictures made by a group of autistic people in Doncaster will be shown across the UK later this year.

The group, Artistic Spectrum, based in The Artspace, Thorne, is led by Emma Wilson

The collection of famous faces have been made from pieces of ripped up paper, found objects and lots of glitter.

They have already been shown locally and in Hull, Nottingham and London.

Don Valley MP Caroline Flint MP visited the group this week to see their artwork, which includes images of Elvis Presley, Albert Einstein and The Queen.

She said: “The pictures are so beautiful. They deserve to be seen nationally to show just what people with autism can achieve. Emma does incredible work. It’s great to see a social enterprise from Thorne leading the way nationally providing innovative art as therapy for people with autism.”

Emma said: “I was very pleased to show our work to Caroline. In these challenging times for disability and arts funding, it’s heart-warming to know there are people in Westminster who care about what we’re trying to achieve.”

Photo by Graeme Oxby.