Petition calls for a fairer deal

A PETITION calling for a better and fairer system of social care for older people has been signed by hundreds of pensioners across Rotherham.

A total of 572 elderly residents put their name to the petition, organised by Rotherham Pensioners’ Action Group.

Part of the petition reads: “The petitioners request that the House of Commons urges the Government to implement a fair and equitable system of care for the elderly, without imposing a financial burden on those requiring care.”

Wentworth and Dearne MP John Healey presented the petition to the House of Commons yesterday.

He is backing the group in their campaign for a fairer deal.

He said: “The care system for older people in Britain is under increasing pressure from an ageing population.

“One in five of us alive will reach 100.

“That is a cause for celebration but it also poses a big challenge.

“We need a new system to provide secure and sustainable care for the future.

“Labour is ready to set political differences to one side and work with the Government to create a consensus on funding long term care and support.”

He claimed Prime Minister David Cameron is ducking the challenge and this is letting down our elderly people.

Said Mr Healey: “On top of this, the Government are slashing funding to local councils, which is meaning big cuts in social care.

“It is important that the voices of older people continue to be heard at national level and the work that groups like RPAG do helps make sure that happens.”

Keith Billington, chairman of the Rotherham Pensioners’ Action Group, said: “There is real concern among elderly people about the care system in England, but the Government seem to be kicking this into the long grass.

“We are still here and this is a call for help. This is so important, and we want to make sure it stays at the forefront of politicians’ minds.”