VIDEO: Daring diners tackle world’s deadliest pizza

  • Brave diners flock to Red Tomato for hot pizza challenge
  • Contestants tackle 13 million heat rating dish
  • Pizza is more deadly than chemical weapons

Daring diners are waiting to hear if they have made it into the Guinness Book of Records after scoffing down the world’s deadliest pizza.

A string of brave contestants descended on Doncaster’s Red Tomato takeaway to tackle the eye-watering chilli sauce dish that’s two times more potent than chemical weapons.

And a trio of iron-stomached contenders could now be in line for a place in the famed book of world beaters after managing to eat four slices of the pizza, topped with a sauce with a heat rating of more than 13 million Scovilles - more potent than police pepper sprays normally used for quelling riots.

Red Tomato owner Parviz Hayati and sons Comron and Darius teamed up with chilli expert Frank Jay, who runs The Chilli Shop in Leeds to create the dish which was served up to nine brave hopefuls at a specially organised eating contest at the Thorne Road takeaway on Saturday.

Said Frank: “We believe this is the hottest pizza ever. This pizza is two times more deadly than chemical weapons.

“An average jalapeno measures about 2,500 on the Scoville scale and this is approaching 13 million so its deadly serious stuff.

“The burn is extremely uncomfortable - and long-lasting. Its not a pleasant eating experience.”

The hopefuls had to scoff down four slices of the pizza, with the contest given an added twist with the dish being topped with Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper chillis - officially the world’s hottest and both measuring more than two million on the Scoville scale.

Contestants were not allowed to touch the glass of milk, placed tantalisingly in front of them between rounds, and were warned of possible side effects including stomach cramps, light-headedness, muscle spasms and sickness and had to sign a disclaimer ahead of the challenge.
A fire engine and ambulance from nearby Doncaster Royal Infimary were also on standby during the contest.

Added Frank: “Essentially, we have just ruined the best pizza in the country. To put it simply, one drop of this sauce would need to be diluted with 13 million drops of water before the heat is non-existent.”

Competitors took on the world's hottest pizza challenge at Red Tomato on Thorne Road in Doncaster.

Competitors took on the world's hottest pizza challenge at Red Tomato on Thorne Road in Doncaster.

Diners Wayne Hart, Khuram Khan and Barry Coldwell all breezed through the challenge - and the trio all collected certificates to mark their feat.

They will now have to wait to see if the sauce is accepted by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s hottest.

Barry, of Conisbrough, said: “It was the first slice that was the worst. The sauce was unbelievably hot. It was getting really bad, I could feel it on my lips and tongue.

“But as crackers as it sounds, after the first slice though it was quite enjoyable. I am glad to have come along and taken part and enjoyed it.”

This pizza is two times more deadly than chemical weapons!

Frank Jay,

Parviz said: “Hopefully we have made history. We can’t wait to hear back from the Guinness Book of Records to see if we have made the world’s hottest pizza.”