VIDEO: Burlesque show at Doncaster Steampunk

Burlesque dancers helped to steam up Doncaster’s annual Steampunk Festival.

Hundreds of colourfully dressed fans descended on Doncaster Deaf Trust on Leger Way for a weekend of weird and wonderful fun with stalls, shows and crazy costumes.

Steam Punk Festival Doncaster      Bill & Christine Redcliffe

Steam Punk Festival Doncaster Bill & Christine Redcliffe

The third annual Victorian spectacular was decked out in an Alice and Wonderland theme in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the children’s story.

Event organiser Candice Foers-Bates said the festival on Saturday went ‘splendidly well’ and the organising team were eager to return to the borough next year.

She said: “Hopefully we are going to build on this success year on year.

“I think it’s curiosity that sometimes brings people here at first. In the first year they come dressed in jeans and T-shirt – we call them ‘normals’ – then the next time they’re in full dress. It’s catching.”

Steampunk is a celebration of all things Victorian combined with imagery from the likes of HG Wells, Sherlock Holes and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Candice said: “It’s a really self expression-friendly genre - it’s not like everything has to be historically correct because this is a history that never happened.”