VIDEO: Amazing film of Doncaster from the air

An aerial view of Doncaster.
An aerial view of Doncaster.

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Doncaster town centre - with this amazing footage shot from the skies.

The six-minute YouTube clip captures a host of town centre landmarks from the air and gives viewers a rarely seen glimpse of the town from an incredible viewpoint.

Shot and posted on the video sharing website by user TeamUKFPV, it features a chance to see the Mansion House, Clock Corner and the Frenchgate Centre from the air.

Viewers can also soar over town centre streets such as St Sepulchre Gate, the Market Place and Scot Lane - and gain a new dimension on Doncaster.

Posting on the site, the user wrote: “A nice quick fly around my great home town of Doncaster. Looking great in the evening sun with some fantastic shadows.”

The footage was shot by a TBS Discovery Quadcopter with a GoPro camera attached to the front of it.

The film has been watched more than 5,700 times by users of the site.