Tot’s brain condition causes head to swell up to twice normal size

Maisy Cawston has a brain condition that can cause her head to swell to twice its size
Maisy Cawston has a brain condition that can cause her head to swell to twice its size

Little fighter Maisy Cawston has battled a brain condition that can lead to her head swelling to up to twice its normal size.

The nine-year-old’s hydrocephalus was diagnosed after her head suddenly ‘ballooned’ when she was just nine months old.

Doctors at Sheffield Children’s Hospital saved her life by inserting a shunt in Maisy’s brain to drain excess fluid – and her parents then vowed to raise £10,000 for the hospital’s charity.

Mum-of-three Lisa, reliving the moment Maisy was diagnosed, said: “We were shocked one day to see her head had ballooned in size. Her forehead was bulging out and her eyes were closed.

“The doctors put a needle in her head to drain the fluid – there was four times as much pressure in her head as normal.

“Even though it was completely terrifying and traumatic, it was good knowing she was in safe hands.

“It makes it easier knowing they are the best at what they do and that everything is being done to save her life.”

Maisy has since had seven further operations to repair the shunt, which can become blocked.

The condition has left Maisy with brain damage and learning difficulties,

Dad Andrew said: “She loves being a big sister to her brothers Tommy and Freddie. She is like a mother hen. But she does struggle with learning, with delays compared to other children the same age.”

The family, of Harworth near Doncaster, are holding their third dinner dance to raise money for The Children’s Hospital Charity.

More than 140 people are expected to attend the event at Ye Olde Bell in Barnby Moor, near Retford, on January 23.

The family have already raised £8,500 for the charity and hope to reach the £10,000 mark this month.

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