Teenager posted suicide note online

Police discover the body of a missing woman in Sandall Beat wood.  Picture: Liz Mockler D4106LM
Police discover the body of a missing woman in Sandall Beat wood. Picture: Liz Mockler D4106LM

A teenager posted a suicide message on Facebook before heading into a Doncaster wood to hang herself, an inquest heard.

Hayley Twigg was found the next day during an extensive police search of Sandall Beat Wood after her dad discovered her missing from their home on Montgomery Gardens, Intake, in February.

Hayley was a week away from her 20th birthday when she died but had been suffering from bouts of depression for several years and had made previous suicide attempts, the court heard.

When police accessed her Facebook page they found references to ‘Hayley Twigg’s Last Words’.

Her father, Michael Twigg, told the inquest she had been unhappy since the age of 14, was withdrawn and would spend up to 16 hours at a time in her room playing on her computer.

Mr Twigg said Hayley had taken a drugs overdose on four occasions and she had tried to hang herself in her bedroom but was found by her step-mum, Amanda Lancaster.

Her stepmum said: “She talked openly about ending her own life. She would say ‘let me go’ when I found her with tablets.”

Mr Twigg said Hayley would sometimes sleep for 18 hours at a time and he did not realise she had left the house until 5pm on February 19 this year when he found her room empty and her bed had not been slept in.

Hayley’s psychiatrist Dr Ian Aldridge said she was referred to the service after taking an overdose last summer and told staff she suffered from low self-esteem, long-standing mood instability and had little structure in her life.

Hayley admitted she could be ‘verbally vicious’ and had difficulty trusting people, which resulted in her ‘testing a relationship to destruction’.

She had missed appointments and had no contact with mental health services after October 2012.

Recording a verdict that Hayley took her own life, Assistant Coroner Geoffrey Saul said she left no handwritten note ‘but made certain comments on Facebook indicative of her intention’.