Swinton teen mum saves boy FIVES times in 15 minutes

Julie Evans and her daughter Annmarie pictured. Picture: Marie Caley NSYT 12-02-15 Jayden MC 1
Julie Evans and her daughter Annmarie pictured. Picture: Marie Caley NSYT 12-02-15 Jayden MC 1

A courageous teen mum saved her disabled baby son’s life FIVE TIMES in the space of 15 minutes when he suddenly stopped breathing at home.

Cancer survivor Annmarie Evans, 19, told how she engaged in a desperate battle to save her one-year-old boy Jayden after he became unresponsive in the living room of her home in Rookery Road, Swinton.

She performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation over and over again with help from a 999 operator on the phone in a desperate bid to save the youngster who drifted in and out of survival five times.

After a frantic 15 minute battle Jayden finally stabilised before being rushed off to hospital by paramedics. He is still recovering in hospital several weeks on from the traumatic ordeal.

Ms Evans, who has herself just come through a gruelling cancer battle, said: “It was terrifying watching him go in and out of consciousness. Five times I had to do CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation because he kept going every couple of minutes.

“I really thought I might lose him. The paramedics said if I had not done what I did he would have been dead now.”

Ms Evans was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal - a form of cancer which starts behind the nose - while she was several months pregnant with Jayden in April 2013.

She had to have her son prematurely before starting a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which she recently completed and is now undergoing regular check-ups.

Jayden was born blind with cerebral palsy, lung disease and hydrocephalus, which causes excess fluid on the brain.

On the day Jayden nearly died in early January, a shunt - which is used to drain of excess fluid from his brain - had become blocked causing him to have respiratory problems.

He was taken to Rotherham General Hospital to have a new shunt fitted and was recovering in Sheffield Children’s Hospital this week.

The family is now hoping to raise money for a specialist alarm monitor called a Nellcoroximeter which measures a child’s pulse rate and sounds an alarm if it gets too low.

Ms Evans said: “If the incident happened at night then I wouldn’t have even known about it. This device would give us peace of mind to just know if he is in difficulty then we will be able to know and can help.”

Grandmother Julie, 43, of Brookside, Swinton, added: “It has been the hardest period of all of our lives. But they have done amazing to battle through the way they are.

“If we can get people to support us that would be amazing, we would be so grateful.”

The family also wants to raise money for a specialist POD chair which will make it easier to feed him and for a specialised car seat.

They need about £3300 and well-wishers in the community have already raised about £1000 through donations and charity events.

The family is also hoping to host a fundraising event at the Park View pub in Swinton to coincide with Jayden’s second birthday in April.

To donate visit http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/support-jayden/295339