Swinton sixth formers’ day in Parliament

Niamh Lawton with John Healey MP.
Niamh Lawton with John Healey MP.

A sixth form student got the chance to rub shoulders with parliamentary heavyweights during a trip to the House of Commons.

Niamh Lawton, 18, who attends Swinton Sixth Form, was given the chance to shadow Wentworth and Dearne MP John Healey for the day.

Niamh Lawton outside Big Ben.

Niamh Lawton outside Big Ben.

She was given a tour of the Houses of Parliament, 10 Downing Street and enjoyed afternoon tea with commons speaker John Bercow.

Niamh was offered the visit after winning a competition to write an email to Mr Healey explaining the law she would pass to help women if she was prime minister for a day.

She said: “Having the opportunity to shadow John Healey in Parliament for the day was a very exciting day for me as someone who wants to hopefully pursue a career in politics.

“What made it more special to me was the fact that the day was organised by the MP Mary McLeod to celebrate International Women’s Day.

“Seeing 70 young girls in Parliament who all have the potential to be the next MP was inspiring, as it shows it could be possible for us to reach equality in politics.

“I was able to have a taste of what the life of a politician is like; watching debates in the House of Commons and House of Lords, attending a meeting with Mr Healey, and ending the day in the speaker’s apartments.

“My favourite part of the day was definitely going on a tour of Number 10 as it was so interesting to learn the history of the place.

“Overall, it was a very special day for me and I am very honoured to have been chosen to take part in such a wonderful event.”