Rovers mascot Donny Dog was secretly 1D’s Harry Styles, according to Twitter

Donny Dog.
Donny Dog.

One Direction fans have claimed that their idol Harry Styles was secretly dressed as Doncaster Rovers mascot Donny Dog during Sunday’s charity match featuring his band-mate Louis Tomlinson.

Dozens of the band’s fans took to Twitter to claim that the star was inside the furry dog costume throughout Sunday’s game between two sides of Doncaster Rovers legends skippered by the Doncaster singer and long-serving Rover midfielder James Coppinger.

The suggestions came after another member of One Direction - Liam Payne - made a surprise appearance during Sunday’s game at the Keepmoat Stadium.

The band’s fans - known as Directioners - claim to have picked up on a series of clues claiming Styles was inside the dog costume.

Many said that because the singer was silent on social media during the game, he must have been masquerading as Rovers’ furry friend, despite being in Los Angeles.

Fans claimed that the mascot’s dance moves and stature and poise were all similar to Styles while another fan claimed to have spotted the star’s trademark long, dark hair poking out from underneath the costume.

One fan urged Directioners at the game to “rip off the mascot’s head” to prove Styles was sporting the dog outfit.