Riddle of lost false leg found outside 'Doncaster' pub is solved

The picture of the lost leg that went viral.
The picture of the lost leg that went viral.

The riddle of a prosthetic leg supposedly abandoned outside a Doncaster pub has been solved,

Yesterday, the Free Press revealed how a picture showing the prosthetic limb left on the pavement outside what is said to be one of the town's watering holes, had gone viral on Facebook and Twitter.

The Horse and Groom in Streatham.

The Horse and Groom in Streatham.

The photo was originally uploaded to the Yorkshire's Reyt Good Facebook page, which takes a humorous slant looking at Yorkshire life. It was then shared thousands of times across social media.

The caption read: "Anyone missing a leg in Doncaster last night?"

The photo was shared more than 4,000 times with jokes from commenters about the owner getting "legless" on a night out. It was even picked up by several national news outlets and even BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show.

But the mystery has been solved - and the pub in question is more than 180 miles away.

The prosthetic leg seems to have actually been abandoned in Streatham, London, outside a pub called the Horse and Groom on Streatham High Road.

According to national news wesbite Buzzfeed, "an eagle-eyed south London-based pub enthusiast Patrick Smith" recognised the pub in question.

Pictures on Google Street View reveal that the area outside The Horse and Groom matches the location where the lost leg was pictured.

Yesterday, the Free Press questioned whether the pub was in Doncaster and suggested that the photo was a spoof.