RETRO: The day an alien spacecraft landed in Bentley and took photos

Did alien spacecraft land in Rosslyn Crescent, Bentley in 1979.
Did alien spacecraft land in Rosslyn Crescent, Bentley in 1979.

Thirty seven years ago this week, a UFO landed in Bentley, took photos and scared a family witless - or so the story goes.

For it was on January 4, 1979 that a flying saucer apparently touched down in the mining village, took pictures and terrified a family.

According to the unverified reports on the internet, it was 37 years ago this week that the incident took place.

A report on about the town's alleged alien and UFO sightings reads: "On January 4th 1979, galeforce winds, thunder and lightning were the least of the New Year terrors which faced a family in Bentley.

"Jenny Strutt and her two children Paul, 13, and Jane, 15, were left petrified by a saucer-shaped object which appeared behind their home in Rosslyn Crescent.

"The family were so disturbed that they called the police.

"Paul said the UFO was 50ft long, and the size of two buses.

"It frightened me to death," he said. "It was massive. The top part looked like it was taking photos.

"Every time it turned round in the direction of our house it sort of made a white flash."

A spokesman for RAF Finningley said all military planes were grounded and suggested the family had simply seen a civilian plane flying at an unusual angle.

It is not clear where the report originates from - or whether the incident actually happened, but we thought we'd share the tale.

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