"Potty mouthed" Doncaster policeman radioed for help to start patrol car because he couldn't hear engine revving

Doncaster police station, where the unnamed officer was based.
Doncaster police station, where the unnamed officer was based.

A "potty-mouthed" Doncaster policeman radioed for help to start his patrol car after he couldn't hear its engine revving, not realising it was a silent hybrid vehicle.

The unnamed detective sergeant who works at Doncaster police station dashed out of the College Road HQ on an 'urgent job' after grabbing a set of keys to a pool car.

After putting the keys in the ignition, however, he sat in the car 'cursing and swearing' as he tried to get the engine started.

According to the Daily Mail, he was said to be behaving like 'potty-mouthed' Gene Hunt - played by Philip Glenister in the hit TV show Ashes to Ashes and famous for his catchphrase 'Fire Up the Quattro' - and shouting about the car not working.

It was only after 'several minutes' that a helpful bobby quietly informed the detective that the engine was indeed running and that the only reason he couldn't hear it revving was because it was a hybrid car, using electricity rather than petrol.

A police source, who asked not to be named, said: 'He was sitting in the car swearing and shouting.

'He didn't realise it was a hybrid car, so was putting his foot down and not hearing any revs - he's a bit old school and no doubt would have preferred a Quattro, but he eventually got the hang of it.'

A report in Police Federation magazine Police stated: 'One early morning at Doncaster Police Station an officer was contacted by a detective sergeant who had borrowed the keys of a plain car to carry out some tasks.

'The keys were for a hybrid vehicle, which was incredibly quiet.

'A short time later the officer was contacted asking how the vehicle started.

'He duly walked out to the car park and spotted the DS sitting in the vehicle looking confused and frustrated.

'He was heard to utter "I can't hear it revving" - it was pointed out that it was an electric engine and it didn't rev.'

'The red-faced DS then quietly went on his way, silently down the road to his appointment.'