Police move in to see off Doncaster bogus fish conmen

Fresh fish.
Fresh fish.

A group of fishy door-to-door salesmen operating in Doncaster have been nailed by police.

Doncaster Council officers also helped foil the activities of the group, operating in the Scawsby and Campsall areas.

Staff passed details of a suspicious looking vehicle to South Yorkshire Police.

Acting on the tip, police netted a group of salesmen who were targeting older residents by selling over-priced fish. The salesmen were spoken to by police and quickly left the area.

Councillor Joe Blackham, Cabinet Member for Community Safety, said: “This scam has been seen across the country.

“Vulnerable people are offered a small quantity of fish at a bargain price but are then presented with a huge quantity at an inflated price.

“Many people have been pressured into handing over hundreds of pounds. Thanks to the prompt action of area staff many of our elderly residents have been protected.”