PICTURE GALLERY: Mystery of spooky face tree carvings at Doncaster woods

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If you go down to the woods in one Doncaster area village then you most certainly will be in for big surprise.

For these spooky faces are causing a stir at one local woodland - just in time for Halloween.

The intricate carvings of a series of gruesome faces have been spotted by walkers at the wood near Rossington - and with October 31 not far off, anyone taking a trek off the beaten track might come face to face with more than they bargained for.

The sculptures have been carved into a number of trees at the wood which is behind the park near Atterby Drive in the village.

Residents are now speculating over who has created the grotesque faces, ornately carved into the trunks in the woodland.

Walker Emma Fernandez took the pictures during a morning stroll and said: “Whoever is creating these carvings is obviously very talented.”

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