One Direction star Louis Tomlinson’s emails ‘hacked’

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Doncaster pop sensation Louis Tomlinson could be among a host of star names to have had their emails hacked, according to reports.

The band’s dirty laundry could be aired in public in 2015 - along with the likes of Beyonce, Adele and David Bowie - after the same group of hackers who infiltrated Sony’s systems claimed to have got their hands on more confidential documents relating to the showbiz world.

The hackers targeted the entertainment group’s film studios and delayed the release of The Interview, the controversial Hollywood movie about a plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

It has been reported that details of the stars’ contracts and demands are amongst some of the important stolen information.

Sources reckon that any leaked emails could cause “huge embarrassment” for 1D and the rest of the victims who have been targeted by the group.

Media analyst Mike Raia told the Daily Star: “The potential embarrassment and turmoil would be as devastating as that which has crippled Sony’s movie-making arm and effectively killed the general release of ‘The Interview.”

“We’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue. It could end up as a financial disaster so enormous that the company, at least in its present form, might not even survive.”

The criminals have reportedly been traced to Pyongyang, North Korea by the FBI.

As well contract details, the information is thought to include an array of personal messages which could lead to a lot of red faces if the documents are released into the public domain.