Motorcyclists allowed to use bus lanes in Doncaster congestion trial

Motorcyclists in bus lane
Motorcyclists in bus lane

Motorcyclists in Doncaster are being given free rein to use bus lanes on one of Doncaster’s busiest routes in a bid to avoid congestion.

A stretch of York Road has been opened up to bikers in the hope of reducing traffic jams on the A638.
The road, the main route into the town centre from the north, is frequently clogged with rush hour traffic with tailbacks early in the morning and then again at night as motorists make their way home.

Now Doncaster Council chiefs are hopeful that by allowing motorbikes to use the lanes the scheme with help reduce congestion and also improve safety for bikers.

Motorbike symbols on the stretch of the A638 will be unveiled to signify the adoption of the new rules.

An experimental trial period is being used so that the safety and practical impacts of the changes can be monitored during the coming months.

Other Local Authorities in England have adopted similar schemes, with positive impacts in increasing safety for motorcyclists and reducing congestion.

The impact of the changes on motorbike riders, pedestrians, pedal cyclists and buses will be carefully monitored while the trial is ongoing.

Members of the public will be able to give feedback during the trial, including sharing their experience of using the road, raising objections or making general comments.

This feedback, in combination with the data collected from monitoring traffic congestion and road safety levels, will be used to decide whether the scheme would work in other areas of the borough.

Doncaster Council’s Cabinet member for Transportation, Coun Joe Blackham, said: “We are interested to see how this trial scheme impacts traffic congestion in the area, and if it proves to be beneficial in increasing the safety of motorcyclists or others, then it is something we will certainly consider introducing at other locations within Doncaster.

“It is important that we receive feedback from road users and members of the public during the trial, so please don’t hesitate to let us know your views.”

To make comment during the trial, contact Doncaster Council on 01302 736000 or email

York Road contains one of the borough’s longest stretches of bus lane while Bawtry Road, Bennetthorpe and North Bridge are also used to help filter traffic.