“Killing machines” savage pet dog, says horrified owner

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A savage early morning attack by two dogs left a Doncaster man injured and his pet dead.

South Yorkshire Police are now appealing for help in finding the animals, which have been branded ‘killing machines’.

Retired Sam Davis, aged 59, of Stonecliffe Walk, was taking his lhasa apso dog Spike for his regular walk in Denaby when the attack took place.

His wife Suzanne, 50, said: “My husband got up to take Spike out for his usual early morning walk – we’ve had him 16 years and my husband took him on the same walk every day.

“He was four doors from home when two large hunting dogs appeared and knocked my husband to the ground and savaged my dog.

“Sam tried to fend them off but couldn’t – they tried to bite him too.

“Spike was on his lead, he wasn’t hurting anyone.

“These dogs were very powerful and aggressive, I think somebody had had them out lamping and they had escaped.

“They killed Spike outright.

“It’s absolutely horrendous.”

She said Sam suffered cuts and grazes from falling and it was only thanks to the thickness of his padded jacket that none of the dogs’ bites penetrated his skin.

“My husband is 16 and a half stone and they knocked him to the ground like he was a feather.

“If it had been a child or a frail old lady they wouldn’t have had a prayer.

“These are killing machines – sharks on a lead. We don’t blame the dogs, we blame the owners.

“Spike has been a lovely little dog, and had a beautiful nature.”

She added: “We are absolutely gutted.

“We just want to put a warning out to people to look out for these dogs as we don’t want the same thing happening to anyone else.”

Police are appealing for help in finding the dogs following the attack which took place at 5.30am last Thursday, March 26.

A spokesman said: “Officers believe that two unknown dogs, believed to be a bulldog/greyhound cross breed, ran towards them and attacked the man and his lhasa apso.

“The 59-year-old suffered minor injuries and the lhasa apso sadly died during the incident.

“The unknown dogs were not accompanied by an owner and are believed to have run off in the direction of a nearby restaurant.”

n South Yorkshire Police are appealing for anyone with information about the incident to call 101 quoting incident number 117 of March 26. Alternatively, to give information anonymously, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.