Human remains found in Doncaster yet to be identified by experts

A police cordon and search is underway by the River Don, near Warmsworth. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP 30-03-15 Police Cordon Warmsworth MC 4
A police cordon and search is underway by the River Don, near Warmsworth. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP 30-03-15 Police Cordon Warmsworth MC 4

Experts are still trying to identify human remains which were discovered nearly two weeks ago at a Doncaster beauty spot.

The body parts were found on a railway embankment near to the Hexthorpe Junction in Balby on Sunday, March 29, at 12.45pm.

Forensic specialists from British Transport Police are still awaiting the results of DNA tests which they hope will establish who the remains belong to.

And officers have said it could be another week until the remains are formally identified.

A BTP spokesperson said: “We are now awaiting DNA results to determine the identity of the deceased.

“Once we have these we will be in a position to progress the investigation.

“We may have more next week.”

BTP has confirmed the remains are that of an adult but they do not yet know if they are male or female.

The force said it is too early to say whether there are suspicious circumstances with regard to the discovery.

A spokesperson said: “We are still in the very early stages of the investigation.

“Investigating officers are keeping an open mind.

“Specialists are also looking into the possibility that the remains could be historic.

“Once investigations have been completed we will provide a file for the coroner in Doncaster.”

Officers established a cordon at the scene and put up a white tent around the site while specialists carried out investigations.

They were on site for about a week before removing the cordon.

The remains were found by a family who were out walking in the area.

Residents who live close to the scene have previously told The Star they were shocked such a discovery had been made.

Civil servant Mark Laidler, aged 53, of Guest Lane, Warmsworth, described the site as a ‘quiet area’, which is popular with dog walkers and ramblers.

He added: “It is quite shocking to find out something like this has happened so close to home.

“We live very near to where the remains were found.

“I was out walking my dog one morning and saw about five or six police cars there and about 10 police officers.

“It looked like quite a big police operation.

“I could see a white tent and officers in specialist forensic gear.

“I spoke to a few people out walking nearby and everyone was wondering what was going on at the time.”

One woman, who lives close to the site but did not want to be identified, added: “It is really surprising as it is a quiet area which is popular with dog walkers.

“A lot of families go out and play on the field there.

“It is a bit of a beauty spot and you would not expect to hear that something like this has happened.

“It caused a stir with people who live down here.”