Hammer-wielding "killer clown" spotted prowling in Epworth and Crowle

A hammer wielding killer clown was spotted prowling near the Tesco in Crowle last night.
A hammer wielding killer clown was spotted prowling near the Tesco in Crowle last night.

A hammer-wielding "killer clown" is bringing terror to the Isle of Axholme.

The character was apparently spotted near the Tesco supermarket in Crowle, clutching a hammer at around 8pm while there was a later sighting of a clown in Fieldside in Epworth at around 9pm.

It is not clear if the two sightings were connected

Lorraine Broderick said on Facebook: "What is happening around here? Kids are scared to out.

"My son and his friends were going home. He went to the front door and saw them running down the road towards the bottom of Fieldside."

Humberside Police has issued a warning against clown pranksters as the craze which has spread across Britain continues to grip the naion.

Superintendent Dave Hall said: “The vast majority of the reports received have either been hoax calls – with laughter clearly audible during the call – messages posted on social media, or simply sightings of people wearing clown costumes, with no suggestion of intimidation or any threats being made, so we don’t want people to be unduly concerned.

“However, we have had a small number of incidents where individuals have jumped out at passersby or knocked on doors or windows.

“It is thought the majority of those involved are children or youths, but this behaviour is no laughing matter. It’s a waste of police time and has the potential to really frighten people – especially the elderly and young children.

“I would urge anyone considering getting involved in this kind of behaviour to think again. The act of frightening or threatening others may constitute a public order offence and could see you ending up with a criminal record.”

Anyone with concerns is asked to call 101 - or 999 of you believe you are immediate danger.