Green Party leader to visit Doncaster after “excruciating” interview dubbed worst ever

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett.
Green Party leader Natalie Bennett.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett is due to visit Doncaster tomorrow - after an “excruciating” media interview dubbed the worst political interview ever.

The politician has been forced to issue a grovelling apology to party members after she gave a radio interview in which she stumbled, stuttered, left long pauses and appeared not to know the answers to questions posed by presenter Nick Ferrari.

She was quizzed by the LBC host on his show this morning but appeared not to know how much her plan to build 500,000 new social rental homes would cost.

The Green leader struggled to explain how the party would pay for their housing policy and Ferrari’s questions were met with frequent silences from Bennett, as well as coughing.

Ferrari was forced to ask at one point: “Are you alright?”

Later at a press conference, Bennett admitted that it was “absolutely excruciating in the studio”. “Occasionally one has a mind blank,” she added.

Appearing on the BBC Daily Politics, she issued an apology to party members, admitting she had not done “any kind of job” of presenting the policies.

“I had a very bad interview on housing this morning, I’m very happy to confess that and I’m very sorry to the Green Party members who I didn’t do a good job, any kind of job of presenting our policies on,” she said.

Bennett, who was elected as leader of the party in 2012, will address a meeting at the Danum Hotel on Wednesday.

It will be the second time she has spoken in the town, making a speech to anti UKIP protesters in the town centre last year ahead of the right-wing party’s annual conference at Doncaster Racecourse.

Steven Platt, Doncaster Green Party spokesman, said: “She is a very good speaker and always connects with the audience. Last time she spoke in the town, her speech went down very well.”

He added: “It is a chance for people to discover Green Party policies and find out what we are all about.”

The meeting will take place at the Danum Hotel, High Street, from 6.30pm on Wednesday and is open to all.