Facebook group set up to catch Doncaster ‘scumbags’

The Stolen Items in Doncaster Facebook Group.
The Stolen Items in Doncaster Facebook Group.

A Facebook group aiming to reunite Doncaster people with stolen possessions and catching the ‘scumbags’ responsible has become an internet hit.

Nearly 4,500 people have signed up for the Stolen Items In Doncaster group, which carries the harsh tagline “help catch scumbags and reunite possessions.”

The group features photos and posts from victims of crime with bikes, jewellery, laptops, mobile phones and electrical items among items stolen recently in Doncaster.

People can use the site to share details of break-ins, post photos of stolen items and details of how items can be returned. Users are then encouraged to spread the word to help the owner be reunited with their possessions.

It is not known who is behind setting up the group, but a message at the top of the page says: “Hi Guys, i have set up this page in the hope that we can get as many people in the doncaster area added and have some kind of network where we can share any stolen items - important or not so - in the hope that we can catch the culprits and maybe even get some of the items back.

“Maybe people will be offered things for sale or will just see the item or hear a rumour etc! Whatever is the case at least we will be able to share it here!

“Its worth a try is what I am thinking! Please feel free to add your friends and lets make a stand against the scum in our communities!”

4,487 have already signed up for the group which was set up more than a year ago.