Ed Miliband crushed by white van on Nigel Farage Christmas card

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

Christmas is meant to be a time of goodwill to all men - but not Doncaster North MP Ed Miliband who is seen being flattened by a white van on UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s official Christmas card.

As well as the Labour leader being crushed beneath the wheels of a van, the greeting also shows Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg and Prime Minister David Cameron being gleefully squashed by a driver, presumed to be the leader of the Eurosceptic party.

UKIP flags hang on a house in the background and the card is thought to be a reference to a controversial tweet by Labour MP Emily Thornberry who posted a picture of a white van parked outside an England flag festooned Rochester house during a recent by-election, captioned “Image from Rochester.”

The tweet was slammed as patronising and offensive to the working class and led to her resignation after a huge backlash.

However, cartoonist Christian Adams, who originally penned the cartoon for the Daily Telegraph, took to Twitter to say that he had not given his permission for the cartoon to be used.