Doncaster venue releases details of ‘secret’ Stone Roses gig

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A Doncaster venue at the centre of rumours about a secret warm-up gig by Manchester guitar legends the Stone Roses has released details of the show.

Posters featuring the band’s iconic lemon logo began springing up on shops around Doncaster town centre yesterday - echoing the group’s teaser announcement of a series of huge stadium gigs next summer.

Fans began speculating that the legendary four-piece - responsible for hits such as Fool’s Gold and She Bangs The Drums - would be preparing for the 2016 appearances with a secret warm-up gig in Doncaster.

But the Diamond Live Lounge, the venue behind the ruse has now admitted that the posters were a publicity stunt for a forthcoming tribute band, the Clone Roses, who will play at the Wood Street venue in January.

Posting on Facebook, Live Lounge owner Dominic Gibbs said: “After the craziness of yesterday I thought I should write an early message to our supporters and the supporters of a certain iconic band from over Lancashire.

“We don’t have the Stone Roses, sorry. We have the Clone Roses, an amazing tribute to the superb original.

“My marketing campaign was to help raise awareness of the venue and help ticket sales for our up and coming acts. I decided to ‘clone’ the now famous lemons of the Stone Roses. I have to admit, I never thought it would go as big as it did. It was purely a marketing strategy and publicity stunt. I apologise if anyone feels tricked, cheated or deceived.

“What it did do is prove that Doncaster music fans have passion and that as a venue we have to work hard to bring you the acts you all richly deserve. Bookings have proved somewhat difficult as we are not established and we haven’t yet got the crowds needed for promoters to take a chance.

“It may not be the Stone Roses, yet, you never know, they did do a warm up gig before, we can dream.”

The Clone Roses will play at the venue on January 29 and tickets are priced at £10.

He added: “Let’s have a damned good party, bigger than the last time they played. Let’s show the music scene we can have a massive party here in Donny and then let’s get some big acts to our town.”