Doncaster’s Vulcan bomber set for marathon V-Force flypast

Vulcan XH558.
Vulcan XH558.

The world’s last remaining flying Vulcan bomber is set for a spectacular two-day tour of the UK next week.

XH558, which is based at Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport, will continue its final flying season with the two-day V-Force Tour on June 27-28.

The iconic aircraft, which will be retired at the end of this summer, will be bidding farewell to the 17 locations where the remaining complete V-Force aircraft now reside.

“The V-Force Tour provides an opportunity to maximise its exposure to loyal supporters who have helped keep her flying since 2007, and acts as a fitting salute to those involved in the Cold War,” said Dr Robert Pleming, CEO of Vulcan to the Sky Trust, which has kept the aircraft flying.

He said: “XH558 is the last flying example of the V-Force, which protected Britain’s shores throughout the Cold War. She will dip her wings for a final time in salute to the men and women who were prepared to give their lives for their country during a period of remarkable tension, inspiring courage and technical innovation.”

XH558’s final season has already begun, with around 15,000 people selling-out the Throckmorton Airshow on June 6. The spectacular early season curtain raiser kicked off a packed final year, during which the Vulcan will help celebrate great British engineering, salute the country’s legendary V-Force heroes and be viewed by more supporters than ever before.

“When she lands towards the end of the year, the opportunity to experience the visceral roar of an overhead Vulcan will be lost forever. We will also be flying selected items in the aircraft so that as many of her supporters as possible can purchase something that has taken part in this incredible adventure, with proceeds going to help look after her during the next stage of her life, when she will continue to thrill and inspire audiences on the ground.”

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