Doncaster residents among first in UK to get new flood defence products

Flooding in Toll Bar in 2007.
Flooding in Toll Bar in 2007.

Doncaster residents are among the first in the UK to have access to a new flood defence range to help protect their homes from water damage.

Back in 2007, unprecedented rain caused floods to sweep through Doncaster, submerging 2,127 homes across 36 areas. Experts have warned many of the places affected are forecast to flood again and the weather is still battering the region, with last winter being the wettest on record in the UK.

The Environment Agency warns certain neighbourhoods in Doncaster are at medium or high risk of flooding from surface water, when rainwater does not drain away through the normal drainage systems or soak into the ground, but lies on or flows over the ground instead.

This type of flooding can be difficult to predict, much more so than river or sea flooding as it is hard to forecast exactly where or how much rain will fall in any storm.

Now homeowners and businesses can take immediate action against the risk of flooding with the Floodsave range, innovative new products available at Keyline Builders Merchants, Clay Lane West.

The Doncaster store is one of only a handful of stockists across the UK and was chosen to roll out the new range because of the area’s susceptibility to flooding.

Stephen Riggens, Head of Marketing, Keyline, said: “Flood defence products keep homeowners and their belongings safe and dry. They also give real peace of mind to those at risk from flooding from the moment they’re installed. Making these products available to the residents of Doncaster and surrounding areas is a service we’re proud to offer.

“Homeowners are able to check the level of risk for their property by looking at the Environment Agency’s detailed flood risk maps on their website. That way, people can decide for themselves whether to install flood defence products.”

The cost to homeowners of installing flood defence products far outweighs the cost of damage, even from a single flood event. The Environment Agency has estimated that the cost of damage during the 2007 floods was £23,000 - £30,000 per home, but the cost of flood defence products is much lower.

“We would recommend installing a few different products in combination to ensure the whole house is protected,” explained Stephen.

“But even a whole house product package would only usually cost between £1,500 and £2,500. This doesn’t just save the cost of repair, but all the upset, inconvenience and discomfort that goes with being flooded.”

For those who did experience flooding between last December and March, the Repair and Renew Grant scheme for flood defence products may also be available. Please contact the local authority for more information on this scheme

The Floodsave range, distributed by Source One Environmental, consists of flood resistance products – designed to prevent water from entering a property. The full range offers whole-house defence, protecting the different potential points of water entry.

It includes:

Flood barriers – a barrier which is placed in front of doors or windows to prevent water entering around the door or window frame or through the letterbox or cat flap

Intelligent air bricks –with ventilation holes which automatically shut off when water is rising.

Non-return valves – installed within the nearest manhole or onto sewer pipes to stop sewage flowing back into the property.

StoneGuard – a coating which is applied to the external walls of the property, preventing water from entering through porous bricks or stonework and through mortar.

For more information about the Floodsave flood defence products, please call Keyline on 029 204 348 50 or visit To check your flood risk, please visit