Doncaster named on list of UK’s unhealthiest places

Doncaster town centre.
Doncaster town centre.

Doncaster has been named on a list of the UK’s unhealthiest places - but our town is actually one of the best places in Britain to live, according to the new survey.

The league table of the nation’s unhealthiest high streets ranked Doncaster 53 out of 70 UK towns and cities based on the propotion of local businesses in the main retail area that either support of harm the public’s health.

Based on public and expert opinion, the report by the Royal Society for Public Health identified bookmakers, payday loan shops, fast food outlets and tanning salons as having the most negative impact on health, and pharmacies, leisure centres, and health services as having the most positive impact.

The survey ranked Preston as Britain’s unhealthiest place, ahead of Middlesbrough, Coventry, Blackpool and Northampton.

Shrewsbury was named as the UK’s healthiest place while locally, only York fared better than Doncaster, coming in in 62nd place. Grimsby and Huddersfield both made the top ten of worst places while Sheffield was ranked 23rd.

The research found towns and cities in the North and Midlands were more likely to have higher concentrations of businesses which may harm the public’s health.

The league table forms part of RSPH’s Health on the High Street campaign which aims to make high streets healthier, by encouraging businesses to take steps to promote health while also giving further powers to local authorities in the areas of planning and licensing.

Places with the unhealthiest retail areas:

1. Preston

2. Middlesbrough

3. Coventry

4. Blackpool

5. Northampton

6. Wolverhampton

7. Grimsby

8. Huddersfield

9. Stoke on Trent

10. Eastbourne

Places with the healthiest retail areas:

1. Shrewsbury

2. Ayr

3. Salisbury

4. Perth

5. Hereford

6. Carlisle

7. Cambridge

8. Cheltenham

9. York

10. Bristol