Doncaster child rapist found guilty


A Doncaster man who raped a young girl and carried out an assault on the person who reported his crimes has been found guilty.

Alan Broughton, 35, of Highfield Crescent, Thorne, was found guilty of two counts of rape of a female child under 13, conspiracy to commit wounding and wounding with intent to commit grievous bodily harm.

Broughton appeared at Sheffield Crown Court on trial for the four offences which occurred last year, alongside a 29-year-old woman who was also on trial for conspiracy to commit wounding.

She was also found guilty of the offence and both will be sentenced on Thursday, 26 February.

The rapes occurred some time between November 2012 and March 2014 at a property in Doncaster.

A third party reported Broughton’s crimes to police and was attacked by him and two other men on the evening of 6 April 2014 on Great North Road in Woodlands.

He sustained a fractured cheekbone and broken nose together with cuts and bruises as a result of the assault, which the woman conspired with Broughton on prior to the attack.

They were both convicted with Broughton remanded to custody and the woman given conditional bail until they are due back at Sheffield Crown Court for sentencing.

DC Nichole Russell investigating said: “Broughton committed a horrendous and despicable crime against an innocent and vulnerable child, then tried to intimidate the person who reported his vile actions by assaulting him so viciously, he fractured his cheekbone and broke his nose.

“The woman chose to be complicit to his crime, accepting his lies and allowing an innocent man who was doing the right thing reporting the crime to police, to be violently attacked at Broughton’s hands.

“I want to praise the young girl, who has displayed so much courage and bravery throughout the investigation, and also the man who despite the interference from the pair, proceeded to give crucial evidence in court.

“Broughton has not spared a single thought for those who have suffered, making them endure the harrowing ordeal of a trial and having to relive their experiences.

“I am very pleased with the verdict returned and I would always encourage any victims of sexual offences to please report it so that we can bring the offenders before the courts.”