Cricket legend Geoffrey Boycott praises South Yorkshire batsman for reaching 12, 000 runs

Jason Meadows, of Elsecar Cricket Club.
Jason Meadows, of Elsecar Cricket Club.

Cricketer Jason Meadows was bowled over with joy when he hit 12, 000 runs for his club recently.

The batsman hit 55 against Whiston which added to his remarkable total since joining Elsecar Cricket Club 20 years ago.

And while the 45-year-old Hemingfield man received congratulations from many of his team mates, he was left stunned when cricketing legend Geoffrey Boycott also gave him a pat on the back.

The former England and Yorkshire batsman tweeted Jason to say: “Well done making 12, 000 runs for Elsecar, play as long as you can while you are good.” Jason tweeted back: “Many thanks.”

Jason said: “It is a good achievement and I’m very pleased but for me it is more about the team winning. If you hit a big total and then the team loses then it’s not so good, but if you play well and win then it’s great.

“The social side of it is just as good for me. I’m still friends with a lot of people who I have played on the same team as and against from all over Yorkshire.”

James Beachill, president of Elsecar Cricket Club, said: “It is an incredible achievement. He is the life and soul of Elsecar.”

Jason joined Elsecar in 1996 from Rotherham Town, following his brother Adrian who had arrived two years earlier. In that time he has won seven league championships, seven Whitworth Cups and three Yorkshire Council trophies. In addition, Jason was an integral part of the team that became the Black Sheep Yorkshire Champions in 2014.

Mr Beachill added: “18 trophies in the 21 years from 1997 to 2016 - unrivalled in the South Yorkshire league and in most leagues in the country.

“That is the measure of his achievement.”