Chance to hear Vulcan engines howl - for £150

NDFP Vulcan Final Flight
NDFP Vulcan Final Flight

Aircraft enthusiasts are being given the chance to hear the engines of the world’s last flying Vulcan bomber at full blast - at a cost of £150.

Vulcan To The Sky Trust, which cares for Vulcan XH558 at Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster, has revealed details of the event which will take place next Thursday.

The plane is now grounded after undertaking its very last flight late last month.

In a statement VTTS said: “Get close to the aircraft and the engineering team as we take XH558 down to the engine running bay, to put her four Rolls-Royce Olympus engines through their paces, ensuring they remain fully lubricated and in fine form. Hear the famous Vulcan howl as they come towards full power.

“Have you heard the Vulcan howl? Would you like to be stood next to the Vulcan when it starts to howl? Join us for the Engine Ground Run Experience where you will be taken to the engine running pan at Robin Hood Airport, positioned just forward and approximately 30 yards from the Vulcan while we start all four engines. At least one engine will be taken to 100%, to produce that unique howl.”

For one lucky visitor, there will be a chance to climb aboard the Vulcan and watch whilst the engines are started and then the throttles are pushed forward to full power.

Due to insurance and safety reasons, the offer is not available for under 16s.

The two hour visit is priced at £150 per person.