Can you remember Doncaster's legendary Ritzy nightclub? It's coming back 25 years on!

Doncaster's Ritzy nightclub is coming back.
Doncaster's Ritzy nightclub is coming back.

Doncaster's legendary Ritzy nightclub is to return - 25 years on.

The Silver Street nightspot, which welcomed thousands of clubgoers back in the 1990s, is set to make a dramatic return to Doncaster's nightlife scene.

The 25 year reunion will feature a string of 90s indie hits.

The 25 year reunion will feature a string of 90s indie hits.

The spirit of the club - which is where Kooky is now - will be recreated at a special reunion night on May 27 when dozens of former staff, DJs and customers are expected to gather to celebrate the venue 25 years on.

Organiser Richard Gair, who worked as a barman and glass collector at the venue in 1992, says the Doncaster Back On event is particularly aimed at clubgoers who attended Ritzy's weekly student nights every Thursday and which regularly drew in more than 2,000 people.

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He said: "Those were some of the happiest times of my life. I've got such great memories of Ritzy - I can remember it so well."

One of Ritzy's original DJs Steve Leedale will be back behind the decks for the event which will be staged just a stone's throw from Ritzy at Vintage Rockbar on Silver Street.

The indie dominated setlist will include music from the likes of the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, The Charlatans and Inspiral Carpets and other hits from the era.

The event, which will take place between 9pm and 3am is hoped to be the first in a series of regular reunions celebrating the venue which later became Visage and Trilogy before its current incarnation Kooky.

Added Richard: "Thursday nights used to be packed and we'd have people coming from all over the country to be there. We want to have a reunion and remember those nights and play some real music again.

"There's nothing like it in Doncaster right now and we would like it to become a regular thing so hopefully people will come out and support us.

"We want people to come along, remember the good times, the songs and see a few old faces."

The spot on Silver Street has been home to a club for more than half a century.

It began life as the 2,000 capacity Top Rank suite in October 1964 - and during the following years, welcomed huge acts such as David Bowie, the Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd.

Disgraced paedophile DJ Jimmy Savile once made an appearance at the club too - invited by his friend, late Doncaster community campaigner Ray Nortrop who was responsible for DJ’ing at the club and who Savile had personally recommended for the job.

By the late 70s, the club was known as Rotters Discotheque and throughout the late 70s and early 80s, acts such as Sheffield synth pioneers The Human League, XTC and New Order all took to the stage there.

Next up came a new guise - Elektrik Avenue - and apart from the occasional public appearance by the chart stars of the day, the club ditched live music in favour of dancing.

By the time the 90s came round, it was known as Ritzy and students used to flock to the venue on Thursday nights for indie anthems with DJ Dave DD among those at the decks.

Another name change came with Visage and many will remember the iconic 90s Britpop nights in the upstairs lounge - while hundreds of other dancers shuffled to the latest chart sounds in the larger downstairs dancefloor.

Then came Trilogy, so called because it boasted three separate rooms to suit music lovers of all tastes - before its closure after seven years in 2010. A couple of refurbishments and re-openings failed before the club bounce back once more as Kooky.

Tickets for the event are £5 and are available from the venue.

More details available at the Doncaster Back On Facebook page HERE