Bikers go full throttle down route to safety

A group of motorcyclists have proved they are the wheel deal after roaring to success on a safety course.

Dozens of bikers from across South Yorkshire have passed their Skill for Life advanced motorcycle course, run by Rotherham Advanced Motorcyclists and Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists in conjunction with the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership.

The course provides riders with the expertise to improve their riding techniques and ultimately become a safer and more skilful rider.

The programme teaches five phases of advanced riding; information, position, speed, gear and acceleration, so regardless of the type of road and the road conditions, riders will have the skills and knowledge to remain confident and in control. Safety is a key part of the advanced riding programme, but it also encourages riders to feel confident on the road, to make good progress, and to get even greater enjoyment from the experience.

To book a place on the programme or for more information about the course and the groups, contact Derek Cumbers, Rotherham group on 07736

157500, or Steve Grundy, Sheffield group on 07717 661342.